The Society for Innovation and Development (SID) was founded in the year 1991, in close collaboration with the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Bangalore.

IISc is India's premier research Institute which has contributed in a significant way towards the scientific and technological growth of the country as well as producing outstanding intellectuals to manage Industries, Business houses and Institutions.

The mission of SID is to enable India's innovations in science and technology by creating a purposeful and effective channel to help and assist industries and business establishments to compete and prosper in the face of global competition, turbulent market conditions and fast moving technologies. SID strives to bring the leading intellectuals of IISc and the fruits of their research and development efforts closer to industries and business establishments in a cordial atmosphere with prosperity of the Nation as the ultimate goal.

SID is a society registered under the Karnataka Societies Act, with a symbiotic relationship with IISc. It primarily draws from and provides access to the intellectual and infrastructural resources of IISc.

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