Indian Institute of Science (IISc) can be truly described as India's intellectual powerhouse in science and technology. As a premier research institution of India since 1909, IISc has contributed in a significant way towards the scientific and technological growth of India as also producing outstanding individuals to manage institutions, industries, and business houses.
Indian Institute of Science IISc has assiduously built up and maintained very high standards in research and teaching and has excelled in accepting scientific and technological challenges to find economically viable solutions. In its long history of almost 100 years, IISc has proved again and again that scientific and technological innovations are the basic needs for the economic prosperity of the country.

Ever since its establishment in 1909, numerous alumni and faculty members of the institute have gone on to leadership positions in science and technology in the country, to create and nurture laboratories, scientific institutions, and industrial undertakings. Sir. C.V Raman, H.J Bhabha, Vikram A Sarabhai, J.C Ghosh, M.S Thacker, Brahm Prakash, S. Bhagavantam, S. Dhawan, C.N.R Rao, and scores of others who have played a key role in the scientific and technological progress of our country have been closely associated with the Institute. The Institute boasts of a large number of Bhatnagar awardees, Fellows of the National Academics of Science and Engineering and recipients of prestigious distinguished national and international honors.

The Institute has been able to make many significant contributions primarily because of its unique character. It is neither a national laboratory which concentrates solely on research and applied work nor a conventional University which concerns itself mainly with teaching. The Institute is concerned with research in frontier areas and education in currently important areas of technology. On account of its being a compact sized institution, it is able to innovate and introduce new systems of imparting knowledge such as offering courses under a unit system and trying out methods of evaluation which are highly reliable.

The Institute has pioneered research in Aerospace, Computer Science, Communications, Electronics, Electrical, Metallurgical and Chemical Engineering, Automation, Biochemistry, Biophysics, Materials Science and Solid State and Structural Chemistry. Work has been taken up in several emerging areas such as space science and technology, environmental and atmospheric sciences, endocrinology, genetic engineering, design and manufacturing technology, developmental research in rural technology and energy problems. Interdisciplinary Programs in the areas of Genomics and Nano Science and Technology have also been initiated.

Through its endeavours, the Institute strives to contribute to the scientific, academic and technological growth of our country, while simultaneously trying to advance the frontiers of knowledge in the global, universal field of science and engineering. The Institute always acts with full awareness of its noble tradition and the need for maintaining a high quality in all its activities.

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