Individual or Group Projects
SID undertakes research and development projects based on individual or joint proposals from the faculty and scientists of IISc in collaboration with industries, business establishments, and national and international organizations. Such organizations are welcome to enter into an agreement through SID with an intention to collaborate with IISc Departments to sponsor research projects.

Joint R & D Centres
SID promotes joint R & D programmes and R & D centres between IISc and National and International organizations.

Other Modes
SID can formulate new, innovative modes of interaction to suit the specific needs of any proposed collaborative activity between IISc scientists and external agencies.

How to Interact with SID?
Organizations interested in collaborating with IISc through SID may contact the Chief Executive. They may also interact with faculty members or scientists of IISc. They could plan the mode of interaction with IISc faculty or scientists before contacting SID to formalize the interaction.

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